Online Enterprise – How it started

This online enterprise started with very humble beginnings. It all started when I was simply just too tired to work a job. Something about having a boss just didn’t flow well with me. I’ve always valued creativity over comfort and routine. You don’t necessarily always have to think like an entrepreneur but I think if you started early and you were a hustler and it’s a good sign maybe you should try out entrepreneurship. Whether you started off shoveling driveways, plowing snow, landscaping, selling candy bars, or dealing baseball cards, you probably have an Entrepreneurial spirit.

Starting a business

Now that it’s 2018 information is easily accessible at our fingertips. Of course you can stick to the traditional route and go to college learn about business there. But I don’t think it’s necessarily a requirement.

The essence of the business is providing something of value to the market. If you have customers, then you were in business. However in contrast the opposite is true as well if you don’t have any customers no matter how good your product is then you will be in debt or full out broke.

Understanding Internet marketing in this modern day and age is going to be a key factor that will help your business thrive in this economy. If you can master the skills to place an advertisement in front of people who were willing to see it, and they like it, then you will undoubtedly be successful. Sales is a must-have skill for anyone who chooses to embark on this journey. My first company was moving company located in Buffalo and then I ended up selling it. Even in that company I needed sales skills and they helped me succeed.

You’ll have to go through a lot of split testing and a lot of experiments to find out what exactly works for you and for your business. Understanding social media is going to be a key factor to help you grow and to help you expand. You have to make sure that you’re using networks such as Facebook Instagram Snapchat and YouTube to help grow your business. Thanks to Instagram’s algorithm you have 1/8 of the world addicted to his platform. This is a very large pool of potential customers that will spend up to four, five, or six hours per day scrolling on their phones.

Landing pages for businesses

A key factor in your online presence is going to be landing pages. Landing pages are different then your homepage because on a landing page you were driving a specific audience from specific add group. This page is not necessarily meant to show everything that you offer but instead it’s meant to establish a deep relationship between your potential customer and your website. Below I’m going to provide you with a framework that you can use to build out your landing page and convert as many visitors as you possibly can into paying customers.

To do this you’re going to collect emails, and preferably have a video recorded so you can communicate with your audience. From many experiments we have found that by placing a video to the left hand side of the opt in box you will see the highest conversion rate.
This is because your viewers most likely read left to right. Meaning after the watch the video they will naturally look over to the right and if you have an enticing offer they will submit their information. As they scroll down, they have to find more about your product or service that you were offering. Beware that you don’t come off as very sales he and scare them away. Advertisements are everywhere online and the only way to stand out is to give a lot of value upfront and establish yourself as the expert in your prospects minds. Want to be truly believe that you are the expert and that you have the best intentions in mind, they will be a lot more likely to respond to your emails, your call to action, and your requests. If you can get them to watch a Lotta video footage and they will become a very loyal fan base for your product or service.

Personal branding

McDonald’s was one of the very first companies that experimented with personal branding and they got rewarded very handsomely for it. When you hear of the company you immediately think Ronald McDonald, or you think I was some clown if you don’t know his name. The personal brand or company doesn’t always have to be the CEO or one specific person, it can be a mascot or some kind of figure that represents the company‘s values.

No matter your industry you have to be sure that you are branding yourself correctly. Even if you are a roofer for example you want to create a story that you can feature and showcase to the public. My step-brother is in that industry, a good example would be this Roofing buffalo NY company. They do an excellent job at the personal branding game!

When beginning to build upon your personal brand make sure that it is consistent with your ideal target audience. You should have an overall theme to everything you publish. For example it would not make sense if Ronald McDonald was found in a gun range. This does not go well with his brand and if anything would actually hurt entire message trying to be kid friendly and appropriate for all ages.

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Video advertising for roofers

Everything is moving towards a video-based world. Meaning if you can’t take your personal brand and put it in front of a video camera then you won’t experience massive success. If you want long-term clients that not only buy into your company bye-bye into your personality then you have to get good in front of video. When you think of actors who can sell out movies just because their name is attached to it it’s The same concept.

Advertising on YouTube is actually much cheaper than advertising anywhere else. You will pay a much lower cost per click for your videos that he will for your text ads.

This will also work much better for your design team because they won’t need to come up as much text on the landing page. People will be sold on you do what you have to say more so than any fancy design that you can put on your website. This will ensure your long-term growth as well as give you a positive return on investment in the present time frame.

Please make sure you provide High-quality service, good response time, quality support, technical support, frequently asked questions, previous examples, positive expectations, and overall top quality product. A really good company once taught me the value of adding this to my marketing and they still do it very well. You can check these roofers out at –

Final thoughts

If you follow what is been outlined in these articles and use this website as a reference, I’m sure you will see success. Your potential customers but out there waiting for you, and possibly even looking for you. Gone are the days when you pay for an ad simply display it in front of a couple people who aren’t even interested in what you do. If you examples of advertising that may not work for you are radio advertising news-feed newspaper advertising.